dear dear dear! :D
received my dress already!! im loving it!!! so cute!! i tried it on already just now! :D
can wear it for party!! hehehehe i like it so much :D :D
and, thanks sooo much also for the gift!! that bear bear pin and pink notes!! hehe that pin also cute cute.. can pin on my bag.. hihihihi ^___^
update more ya dear, sure wil shop again at cucucamber!! :)
take care dear~

Dearest Min.
Just wanna let you know that I have received the parcel last week. and i like the top very much.. 
and thank you for the cute gift... 
Hope all is well for you, take care.

sis,just received the parcel today .
Really love it much !
Da pakai pon.
Cepat baju ney sampai kan?hmm :)tengs again, for the card.

Hi Min,
Got it today. It's a very nice piece :) Thanks for the little something extra too!

Dear min,
Received the package already..the clothes are lovely.. Esp the cardigan.. Best online purchase of the month! ;)
Have a lovely evening,

Min dear, i know this is SO random... but i must say again that i absolutely LOVE this top!
I hope you will bring in more like this... the length of it, and the length of the sleeves are GREAT and hides EVERY flaw! Lol.
Thanks again dearie! :D

Hi Min Dearrr...
Rcved t parcel.WOWWW...cantikkkk la the tops..bling..bling gitu..thanks for t gift too.i love it.yg i betul2 terharu ur note wit personal handwritting..terasa belaian from cucucamber..hehe..thnks dear..ur blog are one of my fav:-))) 

HAI min..
finally the parcel is in my hand now. wahh...dgn baju kurung still on me, the cardigan n tunic tu fit me well.sgt2lah best,tq sgt2..
the gift also.terima kaseh banyak2..
:) akan beli lg dr u,updatelah baju besar2 lg hehehe suke sgt ni.hehehe
thanx again!

Hi Min,
i'm just receive the cardigan.
really love it. :)
tq so much dear.. ;)

Mrs. Nizam:
min !
i received the cardi..
dear, i puas hati sgt2..
nnti nak bei wrna coklat lak ek..
bila ade stok ?

Hi Min ! I've received my black cardigan. I'm so in love with it ! Thanks ! I'm really satisfied with your service. I was quite surprise when I saw the price of that cardigan as you're selling it at a VERY low price ! I saw once, the same cardigan sold by other online shop at RM55 :)

Hi Min,
I've received the clothes...love them! Looking forward to more lovely and trendy plus size clothes from you...Thanks for the earrings.

hello min
i've received the parcel. love it.. !! it fits well.tq so much.. xsabar nak pakai kat luar ;)

Min dearie,
Received my item today! Absolutely love it! So lawa, and am able to even wear it as a short dress!
And THANK YOU SO MUCH for the extremely comel earrings! I was so surprised to see a free gift in there! 
Thanks dear! You are an AWESOME seller and i wish more sellers were like YOU!
Keep up the good work! Much love always and the best of luck to you.

Hi Min,
Me again..hehe..your dresses just keep eating my money..haha..
Want to order Miley Lycra Top (purple)
For the previous black & white dress, I just can say WOW..it fits me perfectly and totally my style and really comfortable...you got a really good taste and its very high quality...I can go on and on..haha..I also love the matching earrings..hehe
I'm looking forward for tomorrow..as the cardigan will arrive tomorrow..keep up the good service~~~

Dear Min,
I've received yr parcel today...the pant is really comfy & the earring is so cute...
Thanks a lot!

Nur Diyanah:
Hey I've received the harem pants and the earrings.
I LOVE THEM!!!! Thankk youuuuuuu :D
The pants are sooooooo comfy.
Thanks, Min.
xx Diy

heLlo dear min...alreaDy receive ...thanx 4 de stUff.. i like it daMn much....
alsO thanx 4 de Cute ButtrfLy... huhuhuh..really appriCiatd it...

item receive..thax!i really love it.also thanx 4 da gift!

hi.. i've received the parcel today.. thanks so much.. and thanks for the cute earrings too.. u gave my fav colour! :)

Hi Min,
Received the jacket already. Love it! Thanks. :)

Hye dear,I've received the parcel..the jacket is so amazing. my arm fits perfectly..(Only on bust area,if I button it,a bit tight.don't blame the jacket,its my bust problem)overall,its a finest jacket I ever had.thanks to u,good stuff,good service.I won't hesitate to buy more in future,thanks,have a nice day :)
June Junid.

Ping Ping:
Hi Min,
Thanks for the personal touch and free gift you include inside!!! Appreciate it much. =) That's my first dangling earring because I dare not wear before this and I'm loving it. I love the jacket and the dress a lot. Finally found a cool jacket that fits me. Thank you so much. Nice dealing with you, as usual.
Ping Ping

hi min..
parcel arrived. love the top. thanx :)


hye min.. tqvm..
i've already received the parcel n i like the dress very3 much.
nice shopping with u dear.

Hello dear,
Thanks a lot, i received my clothes yesterday :). And thank you for the cute little coin purse :). The trousers are really nice, makes my legs look slimmer, hehe :). I love them. As usual, it has been great (as always) dealing with you, you always give the best!
Love ya!

all items i bought from this blog always satisfyme!the latest leggings i received r so comfortable and fit me well being a plus size!thanks so much!

Hi, Min..
I just received the baju... I loooooove it!!!! it's CUTE!! and ngam2 suit with me......
definitely, will shop with you again... Thanks...

Hi Min,
I just got the cardigan. I love it!! The cutting is really nice and the colour is gorgeous :). Thanks!
- Saiyidah

hye dear,
just receive my parcel.
love it! =)

I already received my dress, thank you. I really like it and thank you once again for free gifts.

Sorry for the late reply as I just pick up the parcel from Pos Laju just now.
The dress is nice and the lovely handmade card and ribbon just make it nicer ^^

Hello hello!
Got your item already Min. No, the poslaju was on time, I wasn't :P
The legging is great! It fits me just RIGHT! And I like the personal
touch to the packaging and the effort put into doing it!
Have a nice day!

hi min..
received my parcel already(quite fast huh?)
and i love,love,love,love,love it sooo much
and it goes well with my smokey red cardi and my new syria too;)
lotsa thanks hun..

Dear, just received the parcel! Thank you sooooooooooooooo much dear for the lovely packaging! Comel sangat ada ribbon and thank you card! Very very personal, i like! Great customer service! :) The top is so gorgeous, beyond my expectation! Besar sket, but nevermind... too lawa! Thanks again dear! All the best!

just got ur parcel...love the ribbon..very personalized..ehee...love the leaf dress..do u haf anymore like that with that size...love it..thanx

min i received the parcel today..the things so cool will shop for more thanks buddy

Hi darl,
Just took my things from PO this morning but I only manage to check it out tonight…I absolutely love all the dresses and blouse, great quality and fit me well not only that…Great Customer Service too! Would definitely buying from you again. Keep up the good work, you go girl!

Dear Min, i've gotten the block dress already this morning. thanks ya, i super love it!

Hi Min,just received the blouses. Love it very much :D thanks

dear,already received the purple long top.lovely as usual

darling min, received the jacket. It's wonderful!!! Thank you very much!

Asma Liyana:
hi min...i already got the parcel..its awesome.. really love it..thanks a lot :)

Shey Lokman:
hye, i already rcvd the leggings..it is soo comfortable..tq so much yuh??? :)

Izrin Hana :
hye,i dah dpt baju and its fit on me and i loveeeeeeeeeeee it so much.thanks ;)
Details :Fri, January 8, 2010 3:37:13 PM

Ely :
Hi Min,Yup i dah dapat and i really love it! lagi cool dari yg black. hehe. thanks ya min. great stuff from u :)Thanks and will buy more from u :D
Details :December 23, 2009 1:24:28 AM

Sis Kaseh:
Got the blouse! Sooo cantiksss.. Dunno how to describe lar.. I even tried it in my office..couldn't wait to get home..haha.. And the results...I looked so gorgeous haha perasan sendiri.. Tapi seriously the blouse was so lovely.. Thanx dear
Details: December 15,2009

Nina :
min, i hv g0t the t0p already.w0w!really2 luv it.s0 ad0rable. frthrm0re, it fits me very well. thnks!ta regret i tnggu taw.
Details : December 15,2009

Hey ! Got the dress yesterday. OMG! This dress is sooooo amazing! Thank u! Looking forward for more (^_^)
Details : December 9,2009 8:59am

Eita :
hye dear...
I've receive my stuff....love it so much..
thks a lot...:)
Details : December 8, 2009 4:47:41 PM

Syafiqah :
hi,,i've already received my item,, n like it so much! heee
Details : December 8, 2009 4:37:26 PM

Fatin :
Dear Min,
I've received the dress.. I Love it! Thanx a lot!
Details : December 7, 2009 12:06:47 PM

Mieza :
hi min...just received my stuff just now...they are superb!thanx
Details :1:01 PM Dec 7, 2009

Lady Yuna:
Hi dear,
item received in good condition yesterday..i really like it~!thanks dear..
Details: December 6, 2009 8:30:59 AM

Daphne :
Hey Hey!!Got the dress!! The waist a bit tight.. which means i need to lose weight.. hahaha.. but other than that lOve it to bits!!! Thank u soo much!!
Details :December 3, 2009 8:12:38 PM

Nurul Hilwa :
dear,already received the item.love,love,love the top soo much!the pic does not do much justice.lovelier from what i thought, thanks
Details :December 3, 2009 7:00:59 PM

min.. loveeee the dresses! dua2 i muat..haha sapa ckp gemuk takleh melawa.. love u babe.. will shop for more... Glad I found ur blog... Thanx dear..
Details : 11:55 PM Dec 2, 2009

Noni :
be strong dear. Just ignore those yang tak patut tu.
so far i really satisfied with ur service
Details : 10:34 PM Dec 2, 2009

Hi Min
I dah dapat my polkadot maxidress.I LOVE it!
Hubby loves it too.. 
Definitely going to drop by here often!
Details : December 2, 2009 3:51:07 PM

Min,Bju rcvd. Luv it.thx
Details : December 2, 2009 11.57am

hye dear...
thanx so much...u'r items already arrived..
love it so much...
Details : November 28, 2009 4:06:33 PM

Hi Min..
Actually i gt the parcel yesterday..soriii...busy sgt smp lambat reply..and YES really like it soo much..and nice dealing with u..
Nnt2 we deal again ok...
Details : November 27, 2009 7:56:36 PM

Already received the purple shirt.
Details: Nov 26, 10:33pm

Wombie Khoo:
got it...love the material.
thanks loads...do bring in more good materials like this k
Details: November 26, 2009 10:11:02 AM

Mrs. Sheikh:
ok2.. kain lembut dan best.
Will shopping again
Details : Nov 24,2009 5:45pm

Nurul Raja Azmi:
hello there.
received the dress
luv it
and thanx for the gift too
Details : Nov 17,2009 11:02 am

Ainatul :
Hye..I received it just now already..Thanxx.. :) 
I like itt!

Nur Atiqah:
hye beb!i jz got da parcel!really like it!!
so sweet la...thx yeah.. ;))
Details Nov 10,2009 

Aswa :
HI THERE...i already receive the parcel n love it so much...thanks a lot...
Regards : Aswa
Details October 29, 2009 11:13:13 PM

Dayana Yukin :
hey, just received the parcel. Thank you so much!
Details 9:24 PM Oct 22, 2009